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Damayanthi, princess of Vidarbha wakes up in the morning in the wilderness and finds her husband, King Nala of Nishadha, gone. She cannot understand why he would desert her without so much as a word of farewell. She is unaware that a vengeful demigod is out to destroy him. She is also unaware of the danger she is in, all alone in the forest and the many twists and turns her story would take before she can finally reunite with him. But even had she known all of this, it wouldn’t change her determination to be with him. This moment captures her uncertainty, her mind clouded with dark thoughts. Doesn’t her husband love her anymore? Did some wild creature or demon capture him in the night? Should she wait for him, in case he returns? Soon she has to make a decision: cross over the river to the other side where her father’s palace lies, or follow her husband into the forbidding forest. Soft rays of slanting sunlight bounce off her skin and the curious denizens of the jungle peer at her, wondering what’s wrong. Nala and Damayanthi’s story is an epic adventure, filled with demons and demigods, a serpent king and a swan king, magical cloaks, betrayal and treachery, far-away kingdoms, horses as fast as the wind and much more. But above it all, it is a story about steadfast love and the vicissitudes of fortune Nala and Damayanti endure before they can finally be reunited.

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