Jay Varma is a gifted artist who combines a dramatic sense of colour with extraordinary detail. His artistic style incorporates an impeccable realism with a unique and subtly rendered application of bold and brilliant colour with particular attention to light. Essentially a self-taught artist, Jay continues a rich history of artistic tradition, skill and reputation through several generations of his family. His great grandfather Raja Ravi Varma, is still one of the most highly regarded artists in India. His mother Rukmini Varma's work hangs in private collections around the world. Jay's skill won him the prestigious "Sanford Award for Exceptional Merit" in 2000 at the Eighth International Colored Pencil Competition held in Birmingham, Michigan, and the "Best in Show" award in 2003/4 at the International Art & Sculpture Exhibition hosted by the Mid-Michigan Art Guild. His work has been featured in the Artist's Magazine, The International Artist and the Detroit Free Press, to name a few. Jay has been to the United States at Studio Incamminati and Germany where he developed techniques using graphite on paper and charcoal on canvas. Using these methods and further imbued with his own personal style, he is now accepting commissioned portraits. These portraits are created with special attention to individual mood and lighting, which is his trademark.

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